The RunnAmuckS began in 1996 with Josh Dobbs, Mike Quinnan, and Mat Graeven. For more info about the band from this time period click here. With this lineup they released their first E.P. "Smash Your Fucking Brains In" and two L.P.'s "On the Brink" and "Of A Different Breed" (recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. Mat departed in early 2004 and the band enlisted their old friend Bryan App on drums, coinciding with a new emphasis on the Rock part of "Punk Rock." Later that year after a hectic U.S. tour where the guys found themselves held at gunpoint in Texas by the highway patrol near a roadblock set up for them, (true story) they reconvened on Halloween for a Roky Erickson cover band joined by Bryan's guitar-virtuoso younger brother, Daniel. Daniel ended up staying on and and the band is better than ever. They are currently working on their third album "Inferno" which will be released by Six Weeks sometime next year, to be hopefully backed by another U.S. tour. Demos for four of the songs can be heard on the "Dead Again" E.P., available in full at