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Round Eye Culture Shock Treatment

The NEW ALBUM by Round Eye, Recorded by Mike Watt and Mixed by Bill Stevenson!
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The Self-Titled Debut Album by Shanghai's ROUND EYE!
Check out the new video for City Livin'!

"Controversial Shanghai, China freakout art punks, Round Eye, finally deliver their long awaited full-length debut and, yes, it was worth the wait.
Exploding beyond the reaches of their 2013 split with Libyan Hit Squad, Round Eye rages like an early Frank Zappa album on mushrooms and meth.
Overdriven guitars and pounding drums collide with 1950s balladry, mind-warping psychedelia and musique concrète, while saxophones
(some of which are provided by The Stooges’ Steve MacKay) blare with free jazz frenzy and vocals recall the animalistic shouts of
one who dropped a few too many tabs of acid a few hours ago and can’t seem to come down.
It’s like the early Red Crayola got high off The Stooges’ Funhouse and saw God.
They’ve been banned by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, played secret gigs in bomb shelters and been called “racists” for their video for “Suntan”,
but they’re still making noise with no regard for what anybody else thinks. Step out of your apartment into the Shanghai smog and take a good whiff of rock’n‘roll."
-Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover

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Ripping 006

RunnAmuckS "Deficit of Dreams" LP/CD

At last fusing Melody with their Hard Rock/ Thrash-Punk attack, the 'Mucks lead the blistering charge to a sonic new frontier:  PANIC POP.

RunnAmuckS have melded their classic American Punk & Rock 'n Roll influences (everyone from Chuck Berry to the Stooges to Black Flag)
with UK Pop Masterminds the Kinks, the Cure and the Buzzcocks.

This Odyssey takes our heroes across 12 American Dream-scapes, some unknown, yet others strangely familiar.  Their quest isn't a journey to the heart of the Dream, it is a demand for its complete recall; an invocation to themselves and the listener to Dream Bigger and Better.
LP (200 limited on Clear Vinyl with
Red, White and Blue Splatter)

Ripping 005

Josh Dobbs and his Deficit of Dreams/
Ghost Aquarium split 7"

A split E.P. by Ghost Aquarium and Josh Dobbs from the RunnAmuckS. Both sides are heavy and brooding but packed with explosions of catastrophic guitars.
Through it all, both bands maintain an extraordinary sense of melody while providing fist-pumping choruses and thought-provoking lyrics.
This is the pinnacle of Panic Pop/ Underdog Rock!  Influences range from the Cure to the Ramones, Dinosaur Jr. and the Replacements all the way to Harry Nilsson. 
7" $5

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Ripping 007

Libyan Hit Squad/ Round Eye Split LP/CD
"Full Circle"
Featuring Greg Ginn

LHS blast our senses with their mind-blowing post-SST insanity, a prog-punk hybrid that recalls the wide-eyed paranoia of 80's hardcore while achieving the lofty musical aspirations of the Minutemen and Black Flag (Their visionary guitar maestro Greg Ginn even adds his expertise to the title-track).

Shanghai's Round Eye offer a different approach; punk rock ferocity which melds modern post-punk, doo-wop and 60's Nuggets/Stooges/MC5 angst.

LP (500 on limited Orange Vinyl)


Ripping 004

Ghost Aquarium
"Light Cannot Escape" b/w "Spiritual Cramp"
7" Single

Early Dinosaur Jr. meets Only Theater of Pain Christian Death!! Limited to 300 copies on marble vinyl!!!
7" $5

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Ripping 003

SuperAIDS self-titled 7" E.P.

The sound of Chuck Berry stepping in GG Allin's shit! 
The song titles say it all: "Fuck the Wagon" "Rock 'n Roll 'n Tits" "Girls are for Faggots"
"Nuke 'em All" "Tub of Guts"... enjoyment for the whole family! Limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl!!!
7" $5

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Ripping 002

Libyan Hit Squad "Fiji" LP

Their debut LP! Awesome experimental punk!
Think of early Meat Puppets meets Minutemen (with DK and the Sonics thrown in).

Limited to 300 copies only

LP $12

Also available on Amazon and iTunes
Ripping 001

RunnAmuckS "Untouchable" b/w "White Faces" (Roky Erickson) 7" Single

(Cowabunga/ Gnarly Slaughter/Ripping)
100 limited covers as Ripping Records #001

Sorry, the vinyl is sold out but the music is now
available on Amazon and iTunes.

Ripping 6.66

Ghost Aquarium "Strange Communication"

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Other RunnAmuckS releases...

2008's "Clawing Back"
(Six Weeks)

"Six Weeks is proud to release the sonic new album by the RunnAmuckS. These delinquents combine the speed of early 80's Boston Hardcore like
Jerry's Kids/The Freeze with the nasty rock of the Stooges/MC5. With huge production (self-produced by the band),
huge Riffs and great songwriting, only one band in America can forge such a lethal mix of rock and punk and that's the RunnAmuckS."

     2006's "INFERNO"
LP/CD (Six Weeks)

10 scorching tracks of Heavy Duty Rock 'n Roll based on Living HellGET IT NOW!!!

2003's "Of A Different Breed"
(Six Weeks)

The 2nd LP on Six Weeks Records recorded at The Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis!  Pure Fucking Punk Rock and Roll adrenaline!


2001's "On the Brink"
This first full length album! (and the end of Rock 'N Roll as you know it!)


Also available on iTunes